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Company history

Zellweger Consulting is a Swiss-owned company based in Beijing and Switzerland. Our aim is to build bridges between China and Switzerland (as well as the rest of Europe). Currently, we focus on translation but are adding many additional services. Click here for more information about our plans for the future.

translation process.


Our plans for the future

Translation and interpretation

- Offer more languages, especially East Asian languages.
- Offer more interpretation services.

Consulting services related to China and Switzerland

- Adding more consulting services related to China and Switzerland.

Outsourcing projects

- Website under construction: sourcing-road.com.

Import and export projects

- Currently no projects but interested in participating in new projects.

Other projects

- We participate in an "aupair" project, Aupairs from western countries live in Chinese families, most of them are families
  of Chinese movie stars.
- Newsportal focusing on China and Switzerland (already online): sinoswissportal.com.

Note: We are looking for cooperation partners for any of our projects, don't hesitate to contact us directly if interested.


Team Menber

Manuel Zellweger

Co-founder and owner

- Living in China since 2008.
- Profound working experience in international companies.
- Languages: German, Chinese, English and French.

Team Menber

Bill Zhang

Co-founder and manager

- Majored Computer Science and Technology.
- Profound working experience in the translation industry.
- Languages: Chinese and English.

Team Menber

Lukas Zellweger

Co-founder of company in Switzerland

- Living in Switzerland.
- 30 years experience in the travel industry.
- Former managing director of RHZ Reisen Zürich.

In addition we are supported by:
- Part-time employees.
- A large and growing network of freelance translators and interpreters.
- A large and growing network of partner companies in China and Switzerland.

Work with us

Freelance translators:

We are constantly looking for new freelance translators, the most needed language pairs at the moment are:
- Japanese <> German, English
- Korean <> German, English

Application: Please fill out the online application form.

Interpreters and other positions:

Application: Please send us an e-mail with cover letter, CV and certificates.