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Our translation

Our primary focus lies on the translation of European languages into Chinese and vice versa, but we can also translate into and from other Asian languages. Thanks to our location in Beijing, we can offer translation for very competitive prices. Simply click on a picture below for more information.



We have three types of translation: High-quality, standard and budget translation.

High-quality translation:
If high quality is essential.
- Strict quality assurance process.
- Translation through very experienced translators with at least 5 years of translation experience.
- Translators only translate into their mother-tongue.
- Translators are very experienced in translating that particular type of text.
- Thorough extra checks through us.

Standard translation:
A good compromise between quality and budget requirements.
- Standard quality assurance process.
- Translation through experienced translators with at least 3 years of translation experience.
- Translators only translate into their mother-tongue.
- Translators are experienced in translating that particular type of text.
- Extra checks through us.

Budget translation
Cheapest and fastest translation solution, best suited for internal documents.
- Quality assurance process includes translation and quick proofreading.
- Translation through experienced translators with at least 2 years of translation experience.
- We mostly use translators that translate into their mother-tongue.
- Translators are familiar with the text they are translating.
- Quick extra checks through us.

Our main languages:
Asia:       Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Kazakh and Mongolian.
Europe: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian.

Our main areas:
Economy, finance, chemistry, tourism, contracts, technical, games, computer, environmental protection, culture, history, Chinese culture and history, machinery, petroleum, railroads.

Other languages and areas are available on request.

Multilingual DTP

We offer Desktop publishing for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, German, French and Italian, other languages are available on request.


Thanks to our location in China, we can offer many of our translations for very competitive prices. Our rate for English into Chinese translations, for example, starts at 0.03 USD per word.

We don't use fixed rates but instead determine them individually for each text. The most important factors we consider to determine the rate of a translation are:
- Required language pair
- Difficulty of the text
- Required quality level
- Size of the translation order (rates for bigger orders are lower)
- Customer loyalty (loyal customers which frequently order translations or other services from us receive more favourable rates)
- Additional requirements by the customer (such as formatting)

However, we can also agree on fixed rates if requested.

You have a text to translate? Simply click here for a free quotation.

We have special rates for translation companies, kindly contact us directly for more information.


Our translation procedure follows the internationally recognised TEP principle. The TEP principle is used by most translation agencies and consists of three basic steps: T for Translation, E for Editing and P for Proofreading.

Here is a quick overview of our translation procedure:

translation process

1) Extra checks are especially done for crucial parts of the text and elements which could easily be mistranslated.


How we ensure the quality of your translations and avoid any bad surprises:

1. We only accept a text if we are confident that we can translate it in a professional and satisfactory way.

2. We use the latest technology to improve our translations:
  - Translation tools such as Trados.
  - Translation memories and glossaries to improve consistency.
     However, we do not blindly trust in technology, for example, we wouldn't use machine translation without checking afterwards.

3. We check translations thoroughly:
  - At least two people are working on the translation (except maybe for budget translations), in many cases more.
  - Additional internal checks through us.
  - Extra internal checks for parts that could easily be mistranslated or contain important information.

4. We use the right translators, they
  - only translate into their mother-tongue (except maybe for budget translations).
  - only translate texts they are familiar with.
  - are tested before working for us, then their quality is continuously assessed while they work for us.
  - receive feedback from us so that they can improve themselves.

Why choose us?

Five reasons why choosing us as a translation provider can be very beneficial:

We understand East Asian and Western culture: We are a mixed Chinese and European team, and our company is located in China as well as Europe; thus, we have a thorough understanding of both cultures. This gives us a clear advantage when correcting translations from East Asian into European languages and vice versa, we can easily spot mistakes and make sure the translator clearly understood the source text.

Competitive prices: Thanks to our location in China, we can offer very competitive prices, rates for our Chinese translations are on the same level as those of local companies.

Location in Beijing: Our company is located in China’s capital Beijing, which is home to many famous Chinese and international enterprises as well as most of China’s top universities. Thanks to this, we have access to a large pool of very talented translators. By cooperating with us, you or your company can also profit from possible business opportunities in China.

We put safety first: To avoid any bad (and maybe costly) surprises, we make sure to only translate texts for which we have qualified translators.

Convenience: We understand western customers and have a branch in Europe, doing business with us is convenient.

Customer testimonials:

Christopher from the Antwerp World Diamond Centre

Zellweger Consulting provided the Antwerp World Diamond Centre with tremendous service on our project to gain visibility in the Chinese market, translating the articles from our diamond industry news website into Chinese (www.thediamondloupe.cn), in addition to giving us useful tips in regard to China. They provided excellent service at very competitive prices, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.

Victoria from LS One Translation Services

Zellweger Consulting is a reliable agency that always handles its projects on time as well as with precision, competence and competitive pricing. The agency regularly translates various documents with different source languages for our regular customers. We are always very satisfied with their services. LS One GmbH is happy to cooperate with Zellweger Consulting and warmly recommends the agency.

Our philosophy is to combine the advantages of China and Switzerland to create a top service for our customers.