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Our translation

We focus on the translation from and into Chinese and other Asian languages, but we can also translate the most important European languages. Thanks to our location in Beijing, we can offer translation for very competitive prices. Simply click on a picture for more information.



We have three types of translation: High-quality, standard and budget translation.

High-quality translation goes through a stricter quality assurance process. Translators for high-quality translation have at least five years of translation experience and are only translating into their mother-language. The proofreading is done by our most experienced proof- readers

Standard translation is our standard solution. It goes through a normal quality assurance process. Translators for standard translation only translate into their mother-language. All the translators have a lot of experience in the area where there are translating

Budget translation is our cheapest and fastest translation solution. This kind of translation is the best choice if 100% accuracy is not required.

Our main languages:
Asia:   Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Kazakh and Mongolian.
Europe: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian.

Our main areas:
Economy, finance, chemistry, tourism, contracts, technical, games, computer, environmental protection, culture, history, Chinese culture and history, machinery, petroleum, railroads.

Other languages and areas are available on request.

Multilingual DTP

We offer Desktop publishing for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, German, French and Italian, other languages are available on request.


Thanks to our location in Beijing, we can offer translation for very competitive prices.

For example: Our English to Chinese translations are available from 0.03 USD per word on.

However, we have two types of rates: Small Order Rates and VIP Rates.

The VIP Rates are lower than the Small Order Rates, to receive them, you need a VIP status at our company, which can be obtained easily in one of the following ways:
- If your order total is 400 USD or more, you will automatically receive VIP Rates for this translation.
- If your order total is less than 400 USD, you can buy translations for min. 400 USD in advance, e.g. if you translate a text for 37
   USD, you will have to pay 400 USD in advance, but you can use the other 363 USD at a later time for other translations/services from
   our company.
- If you buy other services in the amount of at least 400 USD from our company, you will also receive the VIP status for one month.
- VIP Rates are also offered to many of our cooperation partners.

If you don’t have a VIP status, then you will receive the Small Order Rates, which are higher than the VIP Rates.

You have a text to translate? Click here for a free quotation (secure, SSL-encrypted connection).

Translation companies can also receive favorable rates, kindly send us an e-mail to apply for the price list for translation companies.


We use the internationally recognized TEP principle. T means translation, E editing and P proofreading. Every step of the principle is done by a different translators.

We only use professional translators, who are specialists in the area they translate and only translate into their mother language.

Here is an overview over our translation procedure:

translation process

Note: This process does not necessarily apply for our budget translations as well as offers given to translation companies.

How we assure the high quality of your translation:

1. When we receive your offer, we will first check if we are able to translate it in a professional and satisfactory way.
    If not, then we will recommend you a more suitable translation agency.
2. We are using the latest translation tools such as Trados.
3. Use of translation memory.
4. Multiple checks and reviews.
5. Our translators only translate into their mother language (except in the budget translation).
6. Our translators have a vast experience in their area.
7. Our translators receive a constant feedback from us, so they can improve themselves.
8. We build up a good relationship with our translators; satisfied translators will do a better job.

Why choose us?

Our company is located in China’s capital. Beijing is the home of the many famous Chinese and international companies. Also most of China’s top universities are located here. Through this we have access to a large pool of very talented translators. Price-levels in Beijing are also lower than in Europe or the USA, which means that we can offer you translation for very competitive prices. In addition we are a Swiss-owned company and aim to provide you a service according to Western European standards.